Intellectual Outputs

The project has three main outputs.

The partnership will elaborate an ANALYTICAL GRIDWORK starting from the best practices concerning the use of ICT tools in adult education courses addressed to adult immigrants and refugees with low or no education. These practices will be analised and compared  in order to highlight the educational environment, the target group, the used ICT tools and applications, their results and impact.

The DISI partnership will develop methodological  guidelines for teacher/trainers and practitioners working with  immigrants and refugees and adult immigrants and refugees. Starting from the results emerged from the previous phase and the resulting Analytical Gridwork that has set the Methodology outlines, a draft of the methodological guidelines will be developed.

An interactive distance learning training path for teachers, trainers, pratictioners will be provided, in order to make available, in addition to the methodological guidelines, also a more "user friendly" interactive training path for operators working in the field of education and training of adult immigrant  with low or no education. According to the newest and most transferable and spreadable ICT's the training path will be designed on a MOOC platform.