Associazione Formazione 80 is a non profit organisation established in 1984 by a group of researcher and adult education teachers. Our activity is focused on the design and implementation of projects of three main kinds: social and economical researches, elaboration and production of didactic materials/modules (in the field of adult education, lifelong learning and vocational training); actions favoring mobility of young adults into Europe and career guidance and job placement for unemployed people (young and adults) with particular attention for those having social, cultural and economic problems as well as trainers/teachers training actions. It employs 5 people (3 full-time and 2 administrators) and a variable number of collaborators depending on the activities carried out. Formazione 80 works in the urban area of Turin and its province: an area with a strong industrial characterization which has been living a period of decline which got dramatically worse since the economic and financial crisis started in 2008. The concerns and issues arising from the increasing rates of unemployment (mainly young people who cannot enter the labor market and older worker who have lost their jobs) are accompanied by those originating from continuously growing migration flows of people with very low skills and very low – or no education, many of them illiterate in their own mother tongue.